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Dr. Christian Schröder
Photodissociation of I2

Energy transfer of CH2I2

Energy transfer of azulene compounds

Protein - water interface

Ionic liquids

Research projects

I am interested in the dynamics of basic chemical processes in various environments:
  • My diploma thesis dealed with vibrational spectroscopy of iodine in the gas and supercirtical phase. I used ns and ps second lasers to dissociate iodine in solvents like Xe and n-alkanes and observed the recombination as function of solvent pressure and temperature. My results gave deeper insight in the mechanism of the so-called cage effect.
  • The time-resolution with modern laser techniques can be extended down to a few femtoseconds such that the motions of atoms in molecules can be "seen directly". At the same time, these phenomena can be simulated numerically by the method of molecular dynamics. My old group at the Max-Plack-Institute für biophysikalische Chemie in Göttingen did both, experiments and simulations. Our special interest was the vibrational energy transfer of diiodomethane and azulene derivates in condensed phase.
  • During my post-doc I turn to biological systems, like proteins. I would like to unravel the interaction between proteins and the surrounding solution, which influences the structure and dynamics of the protein. This has a big impact on the function and reactivity of the protein.
  • Another projects are room temperature ionic liquids, which attracted special attention as green solvent in the industry. My interest is related to the electrostatic properties of these solvents. In the future I plan to examine protein - ionic liquid solutions.