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Dr. Christian Schröder
Universität Wien
Währinger Str. 17A
A - 1090 Wien

Scientific Curriculum vitae

1994 - 1997 University of Giessen
1998 ERASMUS semester at I.T.O.D.Y.S. (Paris)
Research project: Bromination of cyclopropylidenes measured by the azide clock
Advisors: Prof. Dr. Marie-Francoise Ruasse, Prof. Dr. Armin de Meijere
1997 - 1999 University / MPI für biophys. Chemie (Göttingen)
Degree: Diplom-Chemiker (28/10/1999)
Diploma thesis: Photodissociation of iodine in supercritical fluids: quantum yields and recombination constants
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Troe
1999-2003 University / MPI für biophys. Chemie (Göttingen)
Degree: PhD in Chemistry (07/05/2003)
PhD thesis: Molecular simulations of intra- and intermolecular vibrational energy transfer of molecules in liquid phase
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Troe
2004-present University of Vienna
Post-doc: Studying the protein-water interface by molecular dynamics simulations
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Othmar Steinhauser